The stock market explained through a child’s toy

A sketchnote that uses the analogy of two children arguing over who gets to play with a previously unloved toy to the way the stock market works. Full description below.

This sketchnote uses a child’s toy to explain how the stock market works. We see this behaviour daily in our house and I’m sure you’ll recognise it instantly…

Stage 1

First child goes to the toy box (or anywhere within a general 3 metre radius of the toybox for that matter 🙄) and takes out an unloved toy to play with.

At this point the value of the toy instantly increases.

Stage 2 

Second child see’s the toy being played with and decides he wants to play with it (even though he has had no interest in it for months!).

Value of the toy increases again.

Stage 3

Major argument erupts over who gets to play with the toy, which has now become the most valuable thing in the world!

Stage 4

First child sees something else she wants to play with and forgets about the original toy. Second child quickly follows suit and the toy is left abandoned on the floor for mum or dad to tidy up 😬.

Value of the toy has immediately dropped back to being worthless.

Thanks for reading 😀