What is financial independence?

Financial independence is a place you reach when you have enough income each month to cover your expenses and where a significant proportion of that income is generated passively. This means you don’t need to be actively working to make a living. Being financially independent also means you’re debt-free and (ideally) mortgage free and that …

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Sketchnote compares the financial situation of someone at the start of their journey to financial independence and what their situation looks like once they have reached financial independence.

Spend less than you earn

These five words ‘spend less than you earn’ are the foundation of financial success. Just as personal trainers encourage people to consume less calories than they burn, money experts highlight consistent overspending as the single biggest threat to your financial wellbeing. Simply put, if you want to solve your money problems, spend less than you …

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Sketchnote showing how to create a savings rate by spending less than you earn

Follow the path that works for you

Everyone’s financial journey is different. We all start from different places and have our own unique goals and ambitions in life. Sometimes we get lucky and other times, not so lucky. Personal finance is also complex. Things that work for you might not work for me. There are just too many variables involved, meaning there’s …

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Sketchnote explaining why you should follow your own path to financial independence and do what works best for you. Detailed text explanation below the image