Follow the path that works for you

Sketchnote explaining why you should follow your own path to financial independence and do what works best for you. Detailed text explanation below the image

Everyone’s financial journey is different. We all start from different places and have our own unique goals and ambitions in life. Sometimes we get lucky and other times, not so lucky.

Personal finance is also complex. Things that work for you might not work for me. There are just too many variables involved, meaning there’s no single ‘one-size fits’ financial plan, nor a silver bullet that solves everything.

Books, apps, blogs and pundits can only give guidance, not precise instructions. We should read widely, but treat everything with a ‘pinch of salt’. Only through the combination of building knowledge and learning from our own experiences can we get better. 

The important thing is you’ve started your journey towards financial independence. The first step is the most important.

As you progress along your path, don’t be put off by others who appear more successful. They will have had their tough days too and the exterior glean doesn’t always reflect a happy interior. Don’t be dissuaded either by those who are dismissive of your efforts – the reward of freedom is much more important than their opinions.

Create your plan, strive to learn, iterate and keep taking purposeful daily steps along the path to financial freedom that works best for you.

Thanks for reading 🙂