Money goals and money habits

At first glance they might not seem important, but a combination of good money goals and money habits is a fundamental foundation for achieving financial independence. So what’s the difference between financial goals and habits – and why are they both so important? Money goals Examples of money goals include paying off your credit card …

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Sketchnote showing the link between good money goals and good money habits, which combined provide an important foundation for financial independence

Ask yourself ‘why?’

When mapping your path to financial independence, it’s good to stop and think about the goals you want to achieve and to ask yourself why they are important to you. Why do you want to get out of debt? Why do you want to buy a bigger house? Why do you want to start a …

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Sketchnote explaining how behind every financial goal there are a number of rational and irrational reasons for why the goal is important to you. By understanding these reasons it's possible to prioritise financial goals and plan the steps to reach them.

Follow the path that works for you

Everyone’s financial journey is different. We all start from different places and have our own unique goals and ambitions in life. Sometimes we get lucky and other times, not so lucky. Personal finance is also complex. Things that work for you might not work for me. There are just too many variables involved, meaning there’s …

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Sketchnote explaining why you should follow your own path to financial independence and do what works best for you. Detailed text explanation below the image