About SketchyMoney

SketchyMoney uses visual learning to help people understand personal finance and investing.

Lets face it, money matters can be difficult to get your head around – and a little dry!

But understanding the complex world of finance is a superpower that helps you make better decisions and avoid many money pitfalls.

My personal goal is financial independence. I’m not sure I want to retire in the traditional sense (I actually really enjoy my work), but I do want to have options in the future and to always be able to look after my family.

The journey to financial independence is different for everyone, but generally includes some key ingredients, such as good budgeting, avoiding debt, saving, investing and growing your income.

My aim is to share what I am learning from my own journey and things I’ve learned from others. I’m also a bit of an ‘armchair economist’ (note: incredibly amateur) and enjoy sketchnoting to understand things like ‘the deficit’, inflation, cryptocurrencies and behavioural economics.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading SketchyMoney, but I’ll finish this rather rambling introduction with a reminder that I’m not a financial expert (or any sort of expert for that matter!), so if you are after financial advice, please seek out a qualified financial adviser and not some bloke wielding a pencil!

Enjoy 🙂